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    Battle of Chaos Regional Qualifier is a Tier 2 tournaments in which Duelists compete to earn invites to their World Championship Qualifiers, along with exclusive prizes. Participants in Regional Qualifiers are held to the highest standards of sportsmanship and are expected to be fully prepared for the event.

    The event will be held at Killarney Community League 8720 130A Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5E 0V6 pre-registration starts on April 2 2022 at 9 am with games beginning at 10 am.  Do not be late.

    This event is limited capacity and events will sell out please register early.  

    No outside vendors (including in parking lot) will be permitted to sell their cards during our Regionals as mandated by Konami policy.  A security guard will be on site at all times during our event.

    This event is intended for the benefit of our community, please make it fun for everyone.

    Stay and play in our side events including Casual and Advanced Tournaments and Tag Duels all week-end!  Purchase a side event ticket and choose to play in a casual or advanced box tournament or Tag Duels at (C) 3:30 pm / (T) 630 pm / (A) 8:30 pm on Saturday or (A) noon Sunday.  Side events will be held at our store Saturday evening and Sunday and will include a box for winner along with commensurate prizing for every participant.  The winner with the most points from our week-end events will win a Konami Back Pack also each entry in our side events will qualify to enter a raffle for a Konami Back Pack (draw on Sunday evening.)  All discounts are applied to all products at our store located The Time Vault 12227-66 st.

    Admission - $31.00
    Admission + 1 side event +10% off in-store (SAT/SUN) - $39.00
    Admission + 2 side events + 20% off in-store (SAT/SUN) - $47.00

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