Gate Ruler Shout with the Geas booster

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    Gate Ruler TCG: Set Vol. 5 Shout with the Geas Booster Display

    The battlefield is expanding! New card type "Geas" is now available, experience further evolution! New themes such as "Poetica" and "Racer" are now available! Make full use of Souls, and aim for victory.New 3 rulers are arriving; - "6. F - Frenzy": Drive 3 cards, and 4 attack zones. - "21. U - United": Treat all cards you play as if you paid the cost for them. But the combined level of all allied units in play must remain equal to 4 or less - "19. S - Shuriken": Draw 3 cards, 4 attack zones, and Summon Cap 3. The new card type "Geas" entry. You can modify your Ruler with a "Geas" and gain new strategies and experiences!

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